The Magpies by Mark Edwards

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Jamie and his girlfriend Kirsty just bought their first apartment together, and are so excited to settle into what seems like the perfect place for them. Shortly after moving in, they introduce themselves to their neighbors. The have the author of children’s horror novels and the middle aged herbalist living above them, and another couple, the Newtons, living below them. Initially, everything seems great.

Soon after moving in, odd things seem to be happening to Jamie and Kirsty. It starts with packages being delivered to them that they didn’t order, the fire department showing up claiming they made a call, and dead rats left on their front porch. Things quickly escalate and the “pranks” escalate. It’s not long before they are in the middle of a war with their neighbors. Jamie is determined to fight back and not let his neighbors scare him off from his perfect apartment, however Jamie doesn’t know just how dangerous his neighbors might be.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Today’s prompt is “Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start but Haven’t”. This prompt also led me to acknowledge out loud the fact that I’m awful at finishing series! Even if I liked the first book(s), I get distracted and then don’t finish them, so stay tuned for a companion piece to this post about series I’ve started but haven’t finished yet, which I’ll post on the blog soon!

I’ll also include the summary of the first book in each series, as well as the link to Goodreads so that you can check them out if you’re interested!

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Final Girls by Riley Sager

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Ten years ago, Quincy went on a trip to a cabin called Pine Cottage with her boyfriend and closest friends. What was supposed to be a fun trip ended up being a horrific nightmare in which everyone in the cabin was brutally murdered with the exception of Quincy. Severely injured but still alive, Quincy learns that there have been two similar massacres before hers, where one girl was left alive. The media has dubbed the three of them the “Final Girls”, based on the name horror movies use for the last woman standing.

In her present day life, Quincy has done everything she possibly can in order to move forward. She has a successful baking blog, a gorgeous apartment in New York City, and a wonderful boyfriend, who she thinks is planning to propose, and a close friendship with Coop, the officer who rescued her from Pine Cottage. Unfortunately, Quincy’s picture perfect life is thrown into disarray when she learns that that Lisa, the first Final Girl, is found dead in her bathtub with her wrists slit. Shortly after learning this news, the second Final Girl, Sam, shows up at Quincy’s doorstep wanting to be friends.

Quincy can’t remember much about what happened that night at Pine Cottage, but Sam is set on making her not only remember the events, but also address the anger she holds about them. The longer Quincy is around Sam, the more she starts to question why she really sought her out. In a tense psychological thriller, Quincy not only needs to decide if Sam is someone she can trust, but she also needs to get her memories back before what was started ten years ago is finished.

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That Night by Chevy Stevens

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In high school, Toni wanted nothing more than to move out of her parent’s house and in with her boyfriend Ryan. Her mother constantly compared Toni to her younger sister Nicole, who was the well behaved child – the opposite to Toni’s rebellious personality. When Nicole befriends Shauna, Toni’s former best friend who now is set on making Toni’s life miserable, their relationship becomes strained.

Toni thought her life was challenging, but she had no idea how much worse it was about to get. Β After Nicole is brutally murdered, Toni and Ryan are convicted of her murder…only, it wasn’t them. No one believes that they are innocent, including her own parents. Toni and Ryan are sent off to prison, and aren’t released until 15 years later.

Told in alternating timelines, we follow Toni’s story in both the past and present and see what happened leading up to Nicole’s murder as well as her determination after being released to find the truth about what happened that night.

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All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

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Now that I’m home from vacation it’s time to catch up on my blog posts! First up is All the Missing Girls, which had been sitting on my shelf for about a year until my best friend and I decided to read it together!

Ten years ago, Nicolette’s best friend Corinne disappeared in the woods near their small hometown, and was never heard from again. No body was found, but it’s long since been assumed that she is dead. Nicolette has since moved away, got engaged, and has rebuilt herself a new life, and tries to ignore her past. When she is called home by her father, who claims to know something about Corinne, she immediately heads home. The problem is…her father is in a nursing home and his memory is fleeting and can’t always be trusted.

Shortly after arriving home, another girl goes missing in a very similar way as Nic’s friend. As the police start to question Nic and her family, she realizes she needs to do her own investigating to figure out what happened.

In a unique story told backward, All the Missing Girls is a thriller full of twists where everyone has a motive. Who can be trusted, and what happened to the missing girls? You’ll have to read to find out!

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Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl

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Emma wakes up alone in a room, with no idea how she got there. Shortly after waking up, a voice comes through an intercom to the room and tells her to do everything he says, or he’ll kill her sooner, like he’s killed others in the past.

DI Gravel is called in to work the case of Emma’s disappearance. Soon after the investigation, the bodies of 5 young women who each resemble Emma are unearthed. DI Gravel knows he needs to work relentlessly to catch this sadistic killer before he kills again.

Told through many POV’s including Emma’s, DI Gravel’s, and the killer’s, Portraits of the Dead is a quick thriller about a twisted serial killer and the life he’s constructed for himself.

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Be My Killer by Richard Jay Parker @bookouture @bookwalter

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When the @BeMyKiller account goes viral, people all over the world start taunting the account, thinking it’s a joke. Not long after the account gains popularity, people who have tweeted to the account start dying in ways related to their taunts.

When her childhood friend Meredith becomes the latest victim, documentary filmmaker Hazel decides these murders would be the perfect story for her next film. She has a theory about the killer that’s different from the theory the police are working, and since they have no leads, she gathers a small film crew and heads to the abandoned amusement park in her hometown – the site of Meredith’s murder.

What she doesn’t realize is that the killer is closer than she realizes, and that this documentary might just put her life in danger…

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