I Trust You: A Psychological Thriller by Katherine Pathak

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Am I the only one who feels bad rating books poorly? I can’t help it, but I always do! I know that authors put a lot of time, effort, passion, and hard work into the books they write, but not every book is for every reader, and I think this was the case here.

The description of the book sounds really good, but I found almost everything else lacking.

The book follows Marisa and her husband Eliot as they struggle with infertility issues. The first third of the book is non-stop inner narrative from Marisa about how she’s meant to be a mother and how much it pains her to not be able to get pregnant. Personally, I can’t relate to that, as I don’t want children. I know the summary mentions her being “desperate for a child”, but I wish I’d known going into the book that it was going to be so heavily focused on the infertility issues, because it probably would have turned me off as a reader. That said, let this be my “trigger warning” for anyone who that may be a hot topic for. It was very sad for me to read, and I can imagine it would be incredibly difficult for someone who was struggling to conceive to read at that moment.

Anyway, I digress. Marisa and Eliot are out on their boat when it breaks down and Eliot tries but fails to restart it. Eliot goes for help, but never comes back. Marisa attempts to start the boat, and it works with no issue, planting the first seeds of doubt into her head about her husband.

I’ll leave out the events that precede this next piece so I don’t spoil anything for anyone, but Marisa eventually goes to visit her foster mom who took her in as a child before she was permanently adopted. Through that meeting, she gets back in contact with Lee, another child who was at the foster house around the same time. She goes to meet him (and lies to her husband about where she’s at, mind you).

The story started getting completely unrealistic for me about halfway through. Without spoiling anything, there were too many coincidences that made everything very convenient when trying to resolve the mystery. There were also too many times where the characters moved forward in the story in a way that wasn’t logical due to the lack of plot progression.

To cut to the chase, I feel like this book could really have benefitted from an editor. There were a number of grammatical errors that detracted from the story (“too” instead of “two”, “in” instead of “is”, “effective” vs “effectively”, sentences that didn’t flow well, etc.) It felt like a great outline for a book, but like it was missing a lot of the middle section to move the characters from point A to point B. It felt to me like the characters jumped there without any logical reason as to why, or without any natural progression. It felt forced, and so did a lot of character behavior. Marisa’s reaction (or lack there of) to the outcome of what happened with Eliot seemed not at all believable. I did like the twist about Marisa’s past, but as previously stated, I didn’t like how we actually got there. It felt very choppy and unnatural.

I’m sure there are others who would read any enjoy the book and overlook the grammar – I just wasn’t one of them.


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