The Book of You by Claire Kendal

If you like books about stalkers, this book is for you!


The Book of You immediately jumps in to Clarissa’s story. She’s being stalked by a man she worked with named Rafe. Rafe drugs and rapes Clarissa, but tried to convince her that the sex was consensual.
His stalking becomes increasingly persistent and aggressive throughout the book, which causes Clarissa to become afraid of him. Her only solace is an ongoing court case, on which she serves as a jury member. She meets a man during the court case, and they begin to date.

I really liked this book, as I have an odd fascination with books about stalkers! I felt like the book was really unique – I didn’t feel like I’d read the same story a million times before, which was great. I also felt scared for Clarissa! I felt for her the entire book. That has to be a terrifying feeling, to not be able to get rid of a stalker who has essentially infiltrated all aspects of your life.

That said, without spoiling anything, I wish Clarissa had a happier ending! She tried to be strong throughout the book, and finally found someone she could trust, and I felt like she deserved better than the way it ended!


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