The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 6.37.08 PM.png

Mean Girls meets The Exorcist? Sounds great!

Sounds great, but in reality, I didn’t love this book. It wasn’t what I was expecting, so maybe that’s my own fault.

I think the problem I had with it is that it was too many cheesy cliches at once. It’s got a group of popular bitchy girls, that make fun of the loner/weird girl, with the new girl both befriending the popular clique but feeling sorry for the loner.

Then it decides it wants to be a paranormal book, not just a horror book, and relies on demons and witchcraft to move the plot forward. I’m trying not to spoil the book here, but I felt like it was random that Brooklyn and Sofia both were in the same predicament. I wonder how that happened. Maybe it’s explained more in the second book.

About halfway in is where it lost me. The concept wasn’t bad, but I didn’t love the execution. Ultimately, instead of doing one thing really well, the book tried to do too many things at once and really fell flat.


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