Good as Gone by Amy Gentry

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If you loved The End of Everything by Megan Abbott, this is the book for you!

*Please enjoy a cameo from my dog Marshmallow, who sometimes acts as my book holder! 😉

Good as Gone follows the story of a family whose oldest daughter Julie is kidnapped from their home as a young teenager. Years go by, with no word from her or her kidnapper(s), so her family settles back into life with as much normalcy as possible. As they are sitting down for dinner one day, the doorbell rings, and sure enough, Julie has shown back up on their doorstep. After taking her to the hospital to get checked out, they welcome her back home and live life as a family. As some time passes, Julie’s mother Anna starts to question whether the girl who is now living in their home is really Julie.

The book alternates points of view between Anna and a number of different women from the past, that work their way progressively into real time. It’s up to the reader to guess if/how they are related or if they are the same woman. I’d made my guesses and predictions, and happened to be correct!

I have to say, I liked this book, but didn’t love it. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, in that it doesn’t have a lot of twist and turns. I’d guessed most of the ending pretty quickly, though there was one piece that was revealed that I hadn’t figured out, but didn’t love as it felt unrealistic, and if part of why I didn’t rate the book higher. Additionally, I didn’t love a lot of the characters. Anna and Tom’s relationship felt really weird, and I didn’t understand why the police didn’t do more in the early stages of the investigation – it seemed like there was more accomplished in the private investigation Anna was working on. That felt weird. Julie’s sister Jane annoyed me, too. Basically I didn’t love any character in the book!

Overall, the book reminded me a lot of the book The End of Everything, which I also didn’t love, so maybe it’s me! I see a lot of my friends loved this book, so I may just not be the right reader for this sort of story/resolution.


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