Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

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Holy crappppppp is all I can say! I LOVED this book! It definitely felt like I was watching a movie. Actually, I feel like I’ve definitely watched movies with the same storyline on Lifetime. But this was better! Ha!

Dangerous Girls follows high school senior Anna, her boyfriend Tate, and her best friend Elise as they travel to Aruba for spring break. Partway into the trip, they come back to the house to find Elise murdered in her bedroom. Anna is quickly arrested for her murder, as she’s the only one without an alibi.

The book alternates in time between the past, where we see Anna and Elise’s friendship developing and growing, all the way up to the day of Elise’s murder, and the present where we follow Anna as she stands on trial for Elise’s murder. This book reminded me a LOT of the Amanda Knox case that was all over the news a few years ago. We see how Anna is made to look guilty by omitting certain facts in stories or events, showing particular pictures that make her look bad, and using previous emotional incidents against her. At one point in the book she says that anyone can look guilty if the media tries hard enough, and the more I think about that, it’s probably true, and it made me think about the Knox case, because Anna reminded me a lot of Amanda.

The book is told from Anna’s point of view, so we are able to uncover what happens in the story as she does. As new evidence is presented and the trial is taken in different directions, I felt as nervous as Anna must have felt! I was on the edge of my seat so many times wondering what would happen and crossing my fingers for a positive outcome. I felt SO bad for her, because the prosecuting attorney (like any attorney I guess) did everything he could to make her look guilty. There were other leads that could have been followed, be he focuses all of his time on accusing her, and taking every emotional reaction she’s ever had and every argument she ever had with Elise and turned them against her to make her look guilty. Also, her friends were THE. WORST. and totally abandoned her in Aruba. Her own boyfriend ignored her. RUDE.

I loved that this book was told in first person, because we really got to see everything from Anna’s perspective, which I liked. We got to understand her reactions, her emotions, and her struggles. I’m not always a fan of first person narration, because sometimes it’s done poorly, but I felt like this one was done excellently!

Can I just say that the end of the book – OMG. I can’t say too much without spoiling the book for you guys, but there were two words that literally gave me goosebumps at the end! I loved it! I started talking about the book again today with someone, and I got goosebumps again!

This was definitely a great read, and also a little creepy (especially if you start thinking about what would happen if you were ever in Anna’s situation – what situational things could an attorney draw from to make you look guilty?? I get the chills¬†thinking about it!) I highly recommend that you read it now if you haven’t already! As a side note – if you are a fan of the thriller genre, but not YA, don’t let the fact that this is a YA thriller deter you from reading the book. It’s excellent!


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