The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

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Can I just say that I’m so sad this book is over?! I want more!!

The Hating Game follows Lucy and her co-worker Josh. They hate each other. Each day at work they play games. The Staring Game, The Mirror Game, etc. Lucy’s whole goal is to make Josh laugh or smile, because when his company merged with hers and they were first introduced, she smiled at him and he didn’t smile back, so she feels like he’s “winning”.

Obviously anyone who has ever read a chick lit book knows what will happen next, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less! As Lucy and Josh start to grow into friends, she realizes that maybe she doesn’t hate him after all.

The book definitely falls into some cliches, but I couldn’t help but find it so endearing! I just loved Lucy! She’s sarcastic, hilarious, awkward, and prone to freak outs. She’s 28, so she’s about my age, and I definitely felt like I related to some of her sayings and mannerisms, which is probably why the book had me laughing out loud on the train to work!

I will say that the book could have used an editor (or a better one if there was one to begin with). There were a few sentences missing commas, one that remembered the end quotation marks but forgot the starting ones, some sentences with repetitive words, and one I read probably 4 times before it made sense to me. That said, I’m still giving it 5 stars because it didn’t detract too much from the story and because I’m picky. Also, I got so sucked into the characters and what they were doing, that I didn’t care. So sue me.

Anyway, there are no surprises or twists and turns in this book. It’s exactly what you think you’ll get and the ending is predictable, but watching the characters get from point A to point B was so fun! I’m so excited to hear that this is the author’s first book. I can see great potential and am already so obsessed that I’ll read anything she writes (*crosses fingers for a sequel*)!


4 thoughts on “The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

  1. Sounds cute! I’m surprised that there’s editing issues bc it looks like a big company book. So I’m wondering how those got through? Hmm. Hate more than two typos in a book (I always give them two, lol). But does sound adorbs. 😉


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