Lies by TM Logan


I know it’s early, but Lies is one of my favorite reads of 2017 so far! I just loved it! Lies follows Joe Lynch, who is approaching is 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife, Mel. Together, they share a 4 year old son, William. One day, on his way home from picking up his son, he spots his wife’s car. William wants to surprise her and say hi, so they follow her into a parking garage of a hotel. What they see is Mel clearly in a heated argument with her best friend Beth’s husband Ben.

Mel leaves the hotel and drives off before he can ask her what happened, so he confronts Ben instead, and things become violent. Ben is knocked out on the pavement, bleeding from his head, but Joe’s son starts having an asthma attack, and he’s forced to drive home to get his inhaler…after returning to the parking garage, Ben and his car are gone.

Now Ben is missing, and Joe has started receiving increasingly threatening messages. How did he manage to get caught up in a missing person’s investigation, and why is his wife lying about what happened in the hotel? All will be answered by the end of the book!

Lies was my second buddy read with Sam from Clues and Reviews, so keep an eye on her blog because her review will be posted soon!

I was hooked on Lies from page one! I really just couldn’t put it down. I think I read it in about two sittings, because I was dying to find out. I loved Joe and his son Will. I think their characters were well developed, and I was rooting for him, even though there were definitely times where he seemed a little naive, however I think that was natural. Not everyone is ridiculously suspicious of everyone in their life when there has been no reason to not trust them in the past.

Without giving anything away, I’ll also say that I LOVED the ending! I’d been trying the entire book to put all of the puzzle pieces together, and hadn’t managed it, so the end came as a total surprise for me, and it was perfect. I put the book down and immediately messaged Sam to tell her I’d finished the book and “OMG!!!!” – I immediately needed to talk to someone about it!

If you’re looking for a fast paced psychological thriller, this is the book for you! I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

A huge thank you to Netgalley, TM Logan, and the publisher, Bonnier Zaffre, for an advanced copy of Lies. It was my pleasure to provide an honest review. The expected publication date for Lies is May 4, 2017 so mark your calendars!


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