Bookstagrammers you should be following! 10 of my favorite accounts

Today I want to take some time to share some of my favorite bookstagram accounts! I started bookstagramming in October 2016 (you can find me at @theblondelikesbooks), and haven’t looked back since! It was also the support of friends there that encouraged me to start my blog, so I’m forever thankful to it because I love blogging! There are so so so many beautiful accounts I could share with you, but I’m going to limit myself to 10! SO, without further ado, some of my favorite bookstagrammers!

@cluesandreviews – I’m SURE you’ve seen my talk about Sam and link to her blog many times before, and that’s because she’s awesome! She was my very first friend on bookstagram, and I adore her! She posts tons of recommendations and reviews for books that fall into the thriller and thriller subgenres (mystery, suspense, crime fiction, etc.) You can also find Sam on Twitter and her blog.

@paperfury – Cait was probably the first person I followed on bookstagram when I was brand new, and now she’s someone I consider a friend! Her account is very popular, so you’re likely following her already, but if not, DO IT. You will not regret it! Her feed is super bright and colorful and is total inspiration for me, and on top of that, her captions are hilarious! You can also follow Cait’s blog, Paper Fury and her Twitter account.

@tiff_holme – Tiff is someone else I’ve been following for a long time, and is a friend now! Her feed is bright and colorful, and she’s the sweetest!

@vixenreads – Shelly has a really unique aesthetic that I just love!

@salzbookden has a really unique feed, and she’s so sweet!

@crimebythebook – Abby posts tons of great recommendations for thrillers, which are some of my favorites to read! You can also find Abby on Twitter and on her blog, Crime By the Book.

@abookishjess – I swear, I think Jess has one of the most underrated accounts on bookstagram! I love her feed so much, and she’s a total sweetheart!

@darkfaerietales_ – Bridget’s account is another popular one that you might have seen! Her feed is stunning! You can also follow her on Twitter and on her blog, Dark Faerie Tales.

@cbookaddiction – I love Cristy’s feed and her use of color! She manages to take pictures that are dark and colorful at the same time!

@readers.nook – I love the combination of bright colors with the greenery! So beautiful!

**What do you think? Do you love bright colorful feeds like me, or do you prefer themes that are more simple/outdoorsy/dark? Who are your some of your favorite bookstagrammers? Do you see any of them listed here? Did you find any new accounts to follow? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you!**

2 thoughts on “Bookstagrammers you should be following! 10 of my favorite accounts

  1. AWW I’M SO HONOURED. *tackle hugs you my friend* I love so many of these other accounts too (especially @darkfaerietales_!) and I need to check out most of the others.😍😍 Ahh, bookstagram! It’s honestly my favourite social media site ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mine too! It’s such a happy place! Mine has avoided some of the drama that’s happened on others which has been great! It’s definitely where I spend most of my time these days! There are so many amazing accounts I could list but 10 seemed good without getting out of control 😂


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