The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier


Back in the 1980’s a serial killer known as The Butcher was plaguing Seattle by murdering young women and cutting off one of their hand’s as his signature mark. At the time Edward Shank was the chief of police, and he’s now renowned as the hero who caught and killed The Butcher. In present day, Edward’s grandson Matt is moving into his grandfather’s house. Through his cleanup, he finds a hidden locked crate…after managing to get it open, he makes a gruesome discovery. Is his grandfather who he says he is? Why are there so many secrets kept in his family?

Matt’s girlfriend Sam has always thought her mother was murdered by The Butcher…only, she was killed two years after The Butcher was taken down. As she continues her investigations, she gets closer and closer to the secrets that are being kept by Matt’s family. 

After reading and loving Creep and Freak by Jennifer Hillier last year, I was so excited to read something else by her! I have to say though, I was disappointed in The Butcher when compared to the other two. I think where I struggled was the lack of suspense. Very early into the book, all of the secrets Matt’s grandfather was keeping are revealed, and to be honest, you can probably guess what they are just by reading the blurb on the back of the book. Because we know the truth about The Butcher so early on, it felt like it took away from the suspense the book could have otherwise had if we hadn’t known that. For example, if the story was about Sam researching The Butcher and leading her closer and closer to Matt’s family and left out the discovery about Edward, I think I would have liked it a lot more.

Instead of being a book full of suspense, this felt more like a “when will the true Butcher get caught” sort of book, and I wasn’t that invested. Obviously I wanted the true bad guy to get caught, so I was not rooting for anyone but Sam.

There was one twist at the end which I really liked, but it didn’t change anything in the overall plot or direction of the characters.

Overall, this one was a little bit of a let down for me since I had such high hopes after reading Creep and Freak.

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