Nerve by Jeanne Ryan


Nerve was not the exciting action packed book I hoped it would be. I had a LOT of problems with it.

Nerve is about an anonymous online game, which is basically truth or dare, without the truth option. Each person can complete dares to earn prizes and money, and the best ones advance to the grand prize round. High school Junior Vee is typically more of a “behind the scenes” type of person, and never dreamed of ever entering Nerve. When she’s snubbed by the boy she likes, she decides she needs a change, and enters Nerve.

The dares get progressively more “intense” until she’s in the final round with 5 other people who all have to play together in order to win. The further she competes in the game, the more she realizes it’s maybe not a game after all.

I really expected Nerve to be more intense than it was. A lot of the dares felt really easy, but Vee reacted like they were the end of the world, and literally cried at almost every dare. It would be one thing if she was being forced to do things she didn’t want to do, but she voluntarily signed up for the game!?! She also has the option to quit, but she’s too obsessed with the prizes to do that. She’s also obsessed with the boy who gets paired as her partner, so she doesn’t want to stop working with him.

The beginning of the book opened with a prologue that I was really intrigued by, but then the book never really answered what happened with the prologue and never touched on it again – it seemed like it was forgotten, and I found myself wishing more of the book was like the intense prologue!

I found the way some of the characters acted to be unrealistic. Vee’s parents grounded her for something that was important, but the dumbest reason to ground someone. It seemed like a really bad reaction to the event, and made me dislike Vee’s parents.

I also hated how many of Vee’s actions revolved around a boy. She gets in a fight with her best friend over a boy, enters the game because of a boy, chooses not to quit the game because of a boy, and so on and so forth. I wanted to shake her and tell her to form her own identity and NOT make it wrapped up in men! You’re worth more than that!

That said, I hated the epilogue. WHY was it necessary for this book to end on a “cliffhanger”? It could easily have been wrapped up, and it left me rolling my eyes.

Overall, I was disappointed by this one. It was a lot of stupid people making idiotic decisions in order to win money and prizes. I felt like the author WANTED to make it like The Hunger Games, but fell way way short. I can’t say I’d recommend this one.


6 thoughts on “Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

  1. Agh I was SO disappointed with this book too!! I thought it was particularly dumb how tame the dares where when the book/blurb/atmosphere were making them sound like they’d be doing death defying things. And yet??? Not really??? And Vee was really a weeping teapot the whole time.😂 And omg that prologue?! It’s like the forgot it was in the front of the book.😂 I’m glad I’m not alone being underwhelmed by this!!

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