Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett


Alex, Approximately is a modern re-telling of You’ve Got Mail. I love that movie, so I knew I needed to read this book! Seventeen year old Bailey regularly chats on an online movie discussion group using the screen name Mink. She often chats with a boy who goes by the name Alex. Alex and Bailey’s dad live in the same city, but when Bailey makes the choice to move across the country to live with her father, she doesn’t tell Alex because she’s worried they won’t connect in real life. She decides she’ll find him first and then tell him.

In the midst of that, she gets a summer job working at a museum with her extremely good looking yet extremely infuriating coworker, Porter. As she and Porter get to know each other, feelings start to develop. Little does she know that Porter is actually Alex, just as he has no idea that Bailey is actually Mink.

I really loved this book – so much so that I actually read it in one sitting! It was just so cute! Obviously you know the basic plot if you’ve ever seen the movie, just replace the love of books shared in the movie to a love of classic film shared in the books.

I adored the characters. There were definitely times I was like “COME ON! How can you not tell that it’s him?!” but I suppose the book would be very short and boring if she figured it out right away! Porter was probably my favorite character. I loved him so much! He was the right amount of sweet, sarcastic, and vulnerable that made me swoon! I loved that he and Bailey were both able to overcome the traumas that had happened to them in the past and gradually open up to each other.

I also fell in love with the supporting characters. Bailey’s dad was the cutest, and I loved their relationship. He’s the type of dad every girl wants to have, and I love how close he and Bailey were. I also really liked Bailey’s friend Grace. She was sweet, and was really a good friend to Bailey.

I definitely recommend Alex, Approximately for all fans of the YA genre! The one note I do want to make is that there are themes in the book that include masturbation, sex, drugs, and violence, so keep those in mind if you’re looking for a book that’s good for a younger teen.

A huge thank you to Netgalley, Jenn Bennett, and the publisher Simon Pulse for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Alex, Approximately has an expected publication date of April 4, 2017, so be sure to mark your calendars!


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