Guest Bed by Luke. P. Narlee

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Ron and his wife of 12 years, Kate, can’t seem to get along lately. They got married young and have three young children, and the things that initially attracted them to each other are gone. After a huge fight with Kate, Ron heads to work and on the way home, meets a stranger on the train. The stranger happens to be a beautiful, funny, put together woman, and Ron finds himself instantly attracted to her. After he car won’t start, he offers to drive her home. Ron finds himself wondering what his life would be like if he had married Courtney instead of Kate. Would he be happier? This temptation leads him to do everything he can to help Courtney the night her car broke down, until he starts wondering if she’s hiding things from him…is Courtney really who he thinks she is?

I had to sit and think for a while about how I wanted to rate this book. I loved all of Part 1, and was really intrigued to see what Coutney’s deal was, especially since the book was positioned as a psychological suspense. That said, when Part 2 started, I was constantly asking myself “what the hell is going on?” (and I’m sure the main character, Ron, was thinking the same thing). I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t go into specifics, but I found myself not quite buying the explanations that were coming. I had to suspend disbelief a lot, and that took away from me liking the story as much as I liked Part 1. It just felt like there was NO WAY that things would happen the way they supposedly did in the book.

I liked Part 3 a lot better than Part 2, because we were able to get some answers, but as mentioned before, it was hard for me to believe the resolutions. I kept thinking “there’s no way this would happen”, so what started off as a 5 star read for me ended up with a lower rating.

What I did love about the book was seeing Ron and Kate’s relationship. It was hard to read sometimes because they were fighting so much and you sometimes wanted to shake one or the other of them. It’s easy to fall into a routine in a long term relationship and lose the spark that drew two people together, and I enjoy reading about the ups and downs of marriage, so I loved that part. I also really liked the ending – just not how we got there.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this one. I’m giving this one 3.5 stars. If you’re okay reading a book where the storyline seems implausible, this will be a great read for you! I did really like the writing style, so I’m eager to check out what else Luke P. Narlee has to offer!


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