Top Ten Tuesday – things that make me not want to read a book!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s theme is “top 10 things that will instantly make me NOT want to read a book”, which is the opposite of last week’s prompt, “top 10 things that will make me instantly want to read a book” (you can check out my post for that prompt here!)

So today, I get to rant about all of the things I don’t love in a book! Woohoo! Now, let me be clear, that I’m not judging anyone who likes the type of books below. Every reader is different and has unique likes and dislikes, and these just happen to be mine!

  1. Historical Fiction. I’m sorry, I just don’t like it. I’ve tried it and tried it and tried it, and I almost always get bored. I know a lot of people like it, and I respect that, it’s just not for me. So anytime something is classified as historical fiction, I automatically am moving onto the next thing. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  2. Elves, Vampires, and Warewolves. Okay, okay. I will say that there are a few exceptions here, such as The Mortal Instruments series. That said, I generally don’t love books that go too supernatural. If they aren’t the main plot of the story (Like TMI) then there’s a slight possibility that I’ll read it, but it realllllly depends. It’s just generally not my favorite thing, which is weird because my all time favorite show EVER is Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Weird, I know!Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  3. Aliens/Zombies. This is sort of in the same vein as #2, but I really am not a fan of alien/zombie storylines (or movies for that matter). I just get bored and find them way too unrealistic for my liking, so it’s a hard pass for me if the story is focused around that. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  4. Books focused heavily on sports. I don’t play sports, I don’t like sports, and I often don’t understand the rules of sports (much to my boyfriend’s dismay). When I read a book, I want to escape into the book and love the story, and I don’t at all feel that with books about sports. I don’t relate to them, and I usually want to skip all of the parts about sports anyway, which defeats the purpose. Sorry, no FridayNight Lights for me. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  5. Sci-Fi. While there are a few exceptions to this (like Illuminae and Dark Matter), I generally don’t like sci-fi. It’s too weird for me. It goes back to the alien thing. I just don’t find it entertaining and it’s often cheesy (in my opinion). I do like fantasy, but it has to avoid crossing the sci-fi line for me to want to read it. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  6. Non-fiction. Rarely do I want to read a non-fiction book, and when I do it’s either related to psychology, serial killers (because I’m weird and I have a slight serial killer obsession – please tell me I’m not the only one??), or was written by a celebrity I really like and that I think might have something interesting to say. As I said earlier, I read as an escape from the real world, and while non-fiction is interesting to many, it reminds me of being in college, so no thanks. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  7. Anything by Megan Abbott. I feel so awful calling out a specific author, but I’m just being honest. I’ve read two of her books, and rated them both 1 star, and I rarely rate books one star. She’s just not the author for me, and I know if I keep reading her books, I’ll keep rating them low, and that doesn’t seem fair, so instead, I just don’t read her books anymore and leave them for people who are a fan of her work. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  8. Books solely focused on motherhood/being a parent/wanting a baby. I always get flak for saying this publicly (which is completely ridiculous in my opinion and no one’s business but mine) but I don’t want kids. Ever. I like other people’s kids, and have nothing against them, but they are not for me. I’ve never felt the desire to be a mother, so I don’t at all relate to these type of stories, and therefore I avoid them completely. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  9. Retellings. Again, there are a few exceptions here (A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury, for example – and even then, I had no idea ACOTAR was a retelling until after I read it!), but in general, I’m not a huge fan of retellings, and I feel like they are currently overplayed right now. There are constantly new books coming out that are a retelling of something or other, but I just can’t get into the trend. I’d rather just read the original if I’m being honest. Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame
  10. Anything that is disrespectful or dismissive of people with depression/anxiety/mental illness/chronic illness. I’m happy to say that I rarely see books like this published these days, however this is a super personal topic for me, because I have depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia, so anything that rolls with the “just smile and you’ll be happy!” train of thought is a hard no for me. That’s just not how it works .If you can’t take the time to research mental illness (or chronic illnesses for that matter), don’t write about them. I don’t need that negativity and dismissiveness in my life! Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame

**That was actually harder to write than I thought! I knew there were a few that would instantly make the list, but for a few of the others, I had to sit down and think about what things I generally avoid or don’t like. What do you think? Do you dislike some of the same things I dislike, or are we opposites here and you think I’m nuts? What are some things that turn you off of reading a certain book? Let me know down in the comments!*


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