The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight


After the death of her mother, Wylie has a hard time leaving the house. Her best friend Cassie has started to distance herself from Wylie, and has also started getting into some trouble. When Cassie goes missing and Wylie receives a text from Cassie asking her to help her, she decides to leave her house for the first time in three weeks to go rescue her friend. Again. Cassie’s boyfriend Jasper also receives a text asking him to meet with Wylie and join her on her attempt to rescue Cassie. The two set off together, getting progressively more alarming texts from Cassie.

WELL. This book started off at point A and took a sharp left and ended up wayyyyyyy at point Z. I was really enjoying the first part of the book, but then things got crazy, and not in a good way. I keep my reviews spoiler free, so I won’t give anything away, but this was absolutely not a book for me. Aside from the fact that Wylie annoyed the crap out of me by being incredibly judgmental of everyone and everything, it was just SO farfetched that I was constantly rolling my eyes.

Almost EVERY character in the book was hiding something and lying about something, and not one of them could be trusted. This felt like cheap writing to me. This was not a smartly written mystery or thriller, this felt more of a “let’s dump every cliché that happens in thrillers and put them all into one book!” type of story, and I hated it. By the end of the book, it completely deviated from even being a mystery/thriller, and landed more in the sci-fi genre in a way. It was just weird, and not at all what I signed up for.

The only character in the book that I liked was Jasper, and he was the one treated the harshest. Cassie treated him like crap and Wylie was constantly judging him without even asking him questions or giving him the benefit of the doubt. For someone who is supposedly super perceptive, she was 0% right on her thoughts and impressions of Jasper. Cassie was self-centered and I have no idea why Wylie bothered to even try and help her when she’s constantly getting herself into bad situations and not being a good friend to Wylie in return.

The end also annoyed me because it left on a cliffhanger with no resolution, and I have zero intentions of reading the sequel, so now I’ll never know the outcome. Ugh.

Overall, I really hated this book and rated it one star. It’s definitely not one I’d recommend. The one redeeming quality that it had was that the writing was good and it was fast paced, so I got through it in two sittings. I’ve heard great things about Reconstructing Amelia by the same author, and that one is on my list too, so I’m hoping that one will be a better read for me.

**Have you ever been totally blindsided by the direction a book took? How do you generally feel when that happens?**


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