“I Dare You” #booktag! 18 questions about me and books!

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I decided to be a thief and steal this book tag from Cait @ Paper Fury because it seemed like fun, and who doesn’t like fun?! I’m not going to tag anyone specific to play along, instead I say that anyone who wants to do it should steal it from me and then tag me when you’re done so I can read your answers! I’ve linked each book to Goodreads so you can quickly check them out if you’re interested!

#1. What book has been on your shelves the longest? 

Oh boy! This is a hard one, because I’m not exactly positive, but I’ll have to do my best to guess. Most of the books I read as a child are at my parent’s house (I should steal them next time I’m home visiting), so the ones I have in my apartment are ones I read when I was a little older. I think that probably the one that’s been on my shelf longest is Izzy, Willy Nilly, which I read in 7th grade.

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#2. What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next? 

Hahahah oh man. It’s cute that people think I can plan that well. I am always in awe of people who plan their monthly TBR and actually do it. I have about a billion books on my “to read” list (that may or may not be hyperbole, but it definitely feels like not…) and I just wing it whenever I’m ready for a new book. I’ll do my best to guess what I’ll read next but no promises. I’m current reading I See You and Gemina. My last read was The Outliers (which I hated…I do not recommend this one!), and my next read will probably be The Breakdown, which will be a buddy read with Sam from Clues and Reviews.


#3. What book did everyone like, but you hated? 

Oh boy, I feel like I have lots of these! Actually, I think I’ll write a blog post on this topic and share some of the others! The two that always come to mind are Room by Emma Donoghue and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Everyone seems to love those, but I felt let down by both of them? Part of it could be the hype, but mostly I was expecting more from both of them for how emotional people said these books made them.

#4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t? 

I mean, I’d like to say none of them, but also I’m pretty confident that would be a lie. Usually, my problem is sequels. I often get ahead of myself and buy the whole series so I don’t have to wait when I finish the first book, buttttttt I don’t always like the first book enough to want to read all of the sequels OR I get distracted and read a bunch of other books in between and then it’s been 2 years and I don’t feel like re-reading the fist book to remember what happened in order to read the sequels. Sooooo, whoops. Off the top of my head, the Percy Jackson series comes to mind. I read the first two back to back, and liked them, but now it’s been more than a year since I read them and don’t really remember how book two ended or what was going on, so I don’t think I should start book three (The Titan’s Curse).

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#5. Which book are you saving for retirement? 

Um, none of them! I want all of the books RIGHT NOW because I’m a very impatient person!


#6. Last page: read it first, or wait until the end?

The fact that people read the last page FIRST boggles my mind, because I hate spoilers and do my absolute best to avoid them like the plague!


#7. Acknowledgment: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

I suppose I’m somewhere in the middle. I definitely don’t think they are a waste of paper and ink, but I also hardly ever read them. I might skim them if it’s an author I really love, but unless the book was written by someone I know, 99.999992% of the time, I’m not going to read the acknowledgements. Sorry.

#8. Which book character would you switch places with? 

Ohh man, this one is hard! My initial thoughts are “which character has a panda for a pet?” and “who sleeps a lot?” but, alas, I can’t think of any who fit those questions. Instead, I’ll say Hermione! She’s super smart and good with her magic, so I’d be an awesome witch who still likes to read. I’ll take it!


#9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)?

Actually, I’m sure I have several, especially books I read as a kid. But, the one I’ll pick for this question is The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks. I clearly remember reading and loving this a kid when I was in 4th grade, wayyyyy back in 1998.

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#10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.

The only thing I can think of is that we have a family tradition that when someone graduates High School, they get a copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, which everyone in the family signs and writes encouraging notes/advice in it, so I have that, which is special to me!

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#11. Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person?

I didn’t give away a book, but I did buy a special book for a special person. My boyfriend’s favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut, and read him a lot as he was younger. For Christmas one year, I found a signed copy of one of his books and bought it for my boyfriend as part of his present. He still says it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever given him!

#12. Which book has been with you the most places?

I’m actually not sure! Maybe 1984 by George Orwell? I have a kindle now, so when I’m traveling or commuting, I only bring that, otherwise my purse weight even more than it already does, but I know I carried 1984 around quite a bit in high school because it was small and easy to fit into small purses or bags.

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#13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad two years later?

Uh, well, once I don’t like a book, I don’t read it again, so no. The only one I’ve even considered re-reading is Watership Down, because I hated it in high school but everyone else seems to love it, so maybe if I read it as an adult, I’ll like it this time? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try it again one day, but it definitely won’t be any time soon.

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#14. Used or brand new? 

Okay, so I have to be honest here, I actually have issues with used things. I just can’t do it Clothes, furniture, books…nope. My boyfriends hates that about me, because he loves vintage things, and I just won’t allow it! Something about the fact that even though things have been washed/cleaned, I don’t know where they’ve been, or what people did with them, so that said, I 100% prefer new books.

#15. Have you ever read a Dan Brown book? 

I did read The DaVinci Code when it first came out and got popular, but that’s it. Actually, I might have read Angels and Demons, but I honestly can’t remember. I remember liking The DaVinci Code, but not much about it. I haven’t read any of his new stuff though.

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#16. Have you ever seen a movie that you liked more than the book?

Umm, maybe Fight Club? I loved both, but I really liked the Fight Club movie! I’ve seen others mention The Maze Runner, which has been on my TBR list for approximately 158235 years, so I’ll have to get around to reading it and then watching the movie to see what I think.

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#17. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks excluded?

 Definitely To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! Lara Jean is constantly baking and talking about baking, and I wanted to eat it ALL.

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#18. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

I don’t take anyone’s advice 100% because everyone’s taste is different, BUT when Sam from Clues and Reviews or Chelsea from The Suspense is Thrilling Me rave about a book, it’s a guarantee I’ll at least look at the book (and likely end up adding it to my TBR!)

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**So that’s all! Please feel free to do the tag if you’re interested, and be sure to tag me if you do so I can go read your answers! Do you agree with any of my answers? Let me know down in the comments!**


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