Watching the Bodies by Graham Smith @grahamsmith1972

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I’m thrilled to be the next spot on the Watching the Bodies North American blog tour! Watching the Bodies is the first book in Graham Smith’s new Jake Boulder series.

After a murder happens in a small town outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, the police are unprepared to handle the case. Jake Boulder steps in with friend Alfonse, who also happens to be a private investigator, to help the police with the case. As the killer’s pattern becomes clear, the investigative team realizes they have to rush before more bodies accumulate. It’s not long before word gets out that Boulder happens to be the most helpful person on the case, which makes him a target for our serial killer. In a thrilling game of cat and mouse, it’s clear only one will make it out alive – will it be Boulder, or The Watcher?

Watching the Bodies was my first foray into Graham Smith’s work, and it definitely won’t be my last! Police procedurals can be very hit or miss for me, and this one worked perfectly. We got to see Boulder in his professional capacity, but we also learned about him as a person, and got to see his relationship with his mother and friend Alfonse, which I really enjoyed.

The novel got off to a quick start, but really hooked me about a quarter of the way in. From then on, I couldn’t put the book down, and read it through to the end. The end of the book was so tense and fast paced, and I couldn’t get enough of it! I was dying to see how everything turned out, and I was not disappointed. I especially loved the chapters that were told through the killer’s POV, as well as the working relationship that built between Boulder and Chief Watson. While the ending did conclude the story, I did feel like it was a little abrupt, however, I think that will set the reader up nicely for future books in the series.

Overall, I can see why this one has received such rave reviews, and I’d definitely recommend it for all fans of police procedurals! I’m excited to read more of Smith’s work, and I’d like to thank the publisher, Bloodhound Books, for a copy of the novel. It was my pleasure to provide an honest review!

Be sure to check out the end of the North American blog tour!

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