Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson @peterswanson3

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After years of crippling anxiety, Kate decides to completely jump out of her comfort zone by switching apartments with her American cousin Corbin. For six months, Kate will live in Corbin’s Boston apartment, and Corbin will live in her apartment in London. Kate plans to take art classes in Boston and hopes that she can get a fresh start on her life.

Shortly after arriving in Boston, Kate finds out that Corbin’s next door neighbor, Audrey, has been murdered. Kate tries not to let her anxiety over the situation get the best of her, until the police start questioning Kate and other residents of the apartment complex. Kate meets another neighbor, Alan, who tells her that he’s seen Corbin leaving Audrey’s apartment a number of times…if that’s true, then why did Corbin tell her he hardly knew Audrey?

After doing some of her own snooping, she finds some odd things in Corbin’s apartment that make her wonder if he’s more involved in Audrey’s murder than he’s letting on…and what about Alan, the neighbor who has admitted to watching Audrey through his window? As Kate begins to question what really happened, she’ll find she’s in more danger than she realized…

I was a little worried going into Her Every Fear that it wouldn’t live up to The Kind Worth Killing, however I’m happy to say that this was not the case! I loved Her Every Fear, and found it entirely engrossing. I was so hooked on the story, and I loved Kate as our protagonist. Due to events in her past, she’s anxious and flawed, but completely endearing.

Partway through the novel, the POV’s begin to alternate between Kate, Alan, and Corbin, which I really enjoyed. Personally, I’m not always a fan of multiple POV’s, but in this instance, it worked perfectly and added a lot to the story. We learn more about each of the character’s backstories in a way that’s relevant and necessary to the story and in helping the reader understand how they ended up in their present day lives and circumstances.

Her Every Fear focused a lot on the characters and had more of a creepy atmosphere that sometimes left me feeling slightly unhinged, rather than an action packed adventure on every page. That said, while it wasn’t a huge twist or shock, I loved the ending of the book, and it intense and full of action! I found myself wanting to speed read the final pages so I could see how everything would turn out! Overall, this was a definite win for me, and I can’t wait to see what else Peter Swanson comes out with! I definitely recommend this one to all fans of the psychological thriller genre!

**Have you read this one yet? What did you think?**


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