That Night by Chevy Stevens

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In high school, Toni wanted nothing more than to move out of her parent’s house and in with her boyfriend Ryan. Her mother constantly compared Toni to her younger sister Nicole, who was the well behaved child – the opposite to Toni’s rebellious personality. When Nicole befriends Shauna, Toni’s former best friend who now is set on making Toni’s life miserable, their relationship becomes strained.

Toni thought her life was challenging, but she had no idea how much worse it was about to get.  After Nicole is brutally murdered, Toni and Ryan are convicted of her murder…only, it wasn’t them. No one believes that they are innocent, including her own parents. Toni and Ryan are sent off to prison, and aren’t released until 15 years later.

Told in alternating timelines, we follow Toni’s story in both the past and present and see what happened leading up to Nicole’s murder as well as her determination after being released to find the truth about what happened that night.

loved this book! I was hooked from the very first page, and really had a hard time putting the book down! The alternating timelines worked perfectly in this book, and I really enjoyed being able to see what happened in Toni’s past leading up to Nicole’s murder instead of just where she was presently. I think it gave a lot more depth to her character, and I loved it.

I was constantly trying to figure out what happened to Nicole, and although I had one suspect in mind, I knew I was missing something…I was questioning everyone and everything to try and figure out what the motive for murder was! Without giving anything away, I will say that I was completely surprised when everything came to light! I didn’t see the twists in this book coming, and was talking out loud to myself when I was finishing the book!

The book was fast paced, and even though it was almost 400 pages long, I never felt like it was dragging. There were a lot of components to the story aside from the storyline with Nicole, and I enjoyed the minor plot points as well, such as the friendships Toni made in prison, her relationship with Ryan and how it changes after being convicted, and I particularly liked Toni’s father. Her mother on the other hand…I hated her! I felt a lot of anger reading the story…I can’t imagine losing 15 years of my life for a crime I didn’t commit!

So far, I’ve loved everything of Chevy Stevens that I’ve read, and have moved her other books higher up on my TBR list! I think she’s a phenomenal author, and I’m a huge fan! I definitely recommend this book for fans of the psychological thriller genre!


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