Liar by K.L. Slater @bookouture @kimlslater


After his wife’s death, single dad Ben has been doing his best to raise his two young sons, Noah and Jake, alone. When Ben meets Amber, he’s immediately enamored with her. She could be everything that’s been missing in his life, and it appears she feels the same way about him. The only problem is Ben’s mother, Judi. Judi feels confident that something is off about Amber. Things are moving too quickly, and Ben only sees what he wants to see. In order to protect her son and grandchildren, Judi will do whatever it takes to make Ben see the truth about Amber.

The more Judi learns about Amber, the more lies she uncovers, and secrets are revealed that may just break her family apart for good.

I’m a big fan of K.L Slater’s books, and this was no exception. Liar starts off with a bang, and ends with an even bigger one. Unlike many of the thrillers I’ve read lately, this book was not focused around a murder case, rather it told the story of a complicated relationship between a mother and someone who could potentially be her daughter-in-law. Setting aside the aspects of the mystery, it was really interesting to me to read a story where the mother sort of wants her son to choose between her and his partner, especially since you hear so many horror stories about terrible in-law relationships!

Liar is primarily told through Judi’s point of view, however there are chapters from both Amber and Noah’s perspectives mixed in as well. Amber’s chapters especially added to the tension, as we know she’s set on making Judi’s life hell, but we don’t know why. Each of the characters have definite flaws – Judi is over involved in her son’s life, and often doesn’t understand the line between parent and grandparent and where her role ends. Amber has ulterior motives for being part of Ben’s family, and Ben is so wrapped up in Amber that he doesn’t notice any red flags.

While I did manage to figure out a few small pieces of the twists that came as part of the final resolution, there was one piece that came as a total shock, which completely solidified my 5 star rating for the book after I read it! I absolutely loved it, and was left with my mouth hanging open by the time I put the book down!

All in all, I recommend Liar for fans of the thriller genres, especially if you’re looking for a break from the many thrillers that feature murders and/or kidnappings. K.L. Slater is a force to be reckoned with in the thriller genre, and has quickly made her way onto my list of “auto buy” authors! I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. A huge thank you to Netgalley, K.L. Slater, and Bookouture (who really can do no wrong when it comes to publishing!) for an advanced copy of the book. It was my pleasure to provide an honest review. Liar is out now, so be sure to pick this one up!



3 thoughts on “Liar by K.L. Slater @bookouture @kimlslater

  1. I’m becoming a big fan of K.L. Slater too – blogging has exposed me to a great many authors I would have otherwise never known about. Thanks for sharing your review. What is your favourite Slater novel so far?

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