Bookish Pet Peeves – where I rant about the bookish things that annoy me!

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Recently I was thinking about all of the bookish things that drive me NUTS, so I decided to share them with you all!

Check out my list of bookish pet peeves below, and let me know what you think!

#1. Character changes partway through in a series

I know that a lot of people love reading books that are set in the same world but are told by different characters (usually a supporting or side character from earlier books), but I am not one of them! I actually hate when that happens, and I generally stop reading the series when that happens.

I tend to get invested in the main characters, and then I read three books that feature them and get all excited for the next book in the series…only to find out they aren’t the main characters anymore! Such disappointment!

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#2. Conflicts that could have been solved with communication

This is generally something I see happening within romance plots, but I see it in thrillers too. Instead of COMMUNICATING like healthy adults, characters jump to conclusions, and then the ENTIRE BOOK really only exists because of this lack of communication, and it drives me insane! It makes me want to shake the characters and slap some sense into them!

I’m sure this does happen in real life sometimes, but I have to imagine that it doesn’t happen as often or as severely as it does in books.

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#3. Thrillers that compare themselves to Gone Girl or Girl on the Train

This is totally universal to all genres, because YA Fantasy is forever calling itself “the next Harry Potter” when it’s NOT. Often I find that the thrillers that compare themselves to Gone Girl aren’t even remotely similar. I get that it’s a marketing ploy to gain more readers from people who loved those books, but I wish they’d try and stand on their own! Often I read thrillers that I think are better than Gone Girl, so it drives me nuts!

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#4. Sequels that take forever to be released

The worst thing ever is reading an amazing book that leaves off on a cliffhanger and then having to wait for the sequel to see how it ends. Even worse than that is when the sequel takes YEARS to come out! I notice this most in the Fantasy genre (I’m looking at you Patrick Rothfuss and George R.R. Martin!) where fans of the Game of Thrones series and Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles series have been waiting 6 years for the next book. By the time the books ACTUALLY get released, I’ll need to re-read everything because I won’t remember what happened in the first books!

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#5. The fact that books with naked yellow, orange, and pink spines are rarer than a pink glittery unicorn with a diamond horn

If you don’t follow me on bookstagram (find me here if you want to!), one thing you should know is that it looks like a rainbow threw up on my feed. I love to take bright colorful photos, and often make rainbows with my books. I spent MONTHS looking for a hardcover yellow book that would work with my book rainbow, and it was frustrating! I have the same problem looking for orange and pink books! I have about 500 black, red, and blue spines though, so, there’s that.

If you know of any hardcover books that have yellow, pink, or orange spines under the dust jacket, please let me know!!

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#6. Stickers on the cover of books!

Stickers on book covers really should just be illegal! Whenever they are marketed as “easy to remove” it’s still all LIES LIES LIES, because that sticker residue takes forever to remove! I currently have a book that has sticker residue on the cover, and other books keep sticking to it! This is especially soul crushing when the book is a paperback and removing the sticker damages or bends the cover!

I’ve had some good luck using a small amount of nail polish remover to get rid of the sticker/residue in the past, but if you have any magic tricks you can share to remove the stickers, PLEASE let me know down in the comments! I will forever be grateful!

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#7. When there are rumors that a book will get made into a movie but then it NEVER HAPPENS!

Years ago, I was SO excited when I heard that The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was going to be made into a movie. It’s one of my favorite books, and if it was done well, I thought it would be beautiful to see on the big screen! Here I am, five years later, STILL WAITING with no new news whatsoever. I’ve basically given up all hope!

On the flip side, it’s also awful when a movie DOES get adapted and then it’s absolutely terrible (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*), but STILL. If I could have any book adapted to TV or film with a guarantee that it would be done perfectly, I’d pick The Night Circus! What would you pick to be adapted if you knew it would be done well??

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#8. Movie covers!

I think this is universally on most book-lovers lists, but I hate movie covers of books! I especially hate it when I don’t already own the book and then I have to go on a wild goose chase to try and find a different edition so I don’t have random actors on the pages!

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#9. Book blurbs that tell me NOTHING!

While I do know some people who will go blindly into a book and read it without ever reading the blurb on the back of the book or on Goodreads, I am not one of those people! Before buying/reading a book, I first read the description, then check the overall rating on Goodreads, and then read a couple reviews from a few of my fellow book bloggers who have similar taste in books as me, so I know if I think I’ll like the book.

Every now and then I’ll come across a book blurb that tells me NOTHING about what the story is, and I spend way too much time trying to read reviews so I can figure out what the plot it. It drives me nuts! If you want me to read your book, you have to tell me what it’s about!

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#10. Really long chapters

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of long chapters! I’m much more likely to sit down and binge read a book when I know the next chapter is a few pages long. I end up telling myself “just one more chapter!” a million times until I’ve finished the book. Inherently, I know that it’s the same amount of reading regardless of chapter length, but I find so many more reasons to talk myself out of sitting down and reading when I know each chapter is going to take me 30+ minutes to read. I recently read a book that had chapters that were more than 100 pages long, and I HATED it. Am I alone on this?? Do you prefer shorter chapters too??

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**There are definitely things I could add to this list, but I’ll leave it here for now! What do you think? Do any of these things annoy you too?? What are some of your bookish pet peeves?**


33 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves – where I rant about the bookish things that annoy me!

  1. Love this! Number 2 drives me mad, you’re right it happens in thrillers where the plot is driven on ridiculous decisions based on nothing and this is supposedly people who have been married for 20 years and suddenly one leaves (into danger…) because of something they have interpreted in their partners frown!!
    And long chapters….hard work I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I RELATE TO THIS SO HARD I THINK WE MIGHT BE THE SAME PERSON. *shares cake with you* Honestly I loathe waiting years for sequels. And I hate long chapters…so much. 😭😂 Also omg the coloured naked spine thing!! YES. I have zero pink spines. ZERO. How is this even possible?! Everything I buy now, the first thing I do is check the spine colour.😂 (Also if you’re looking for yellow: More Happy Than Not and Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown have yellow spines! I also think The Rest Of Us Just Live Here does too? I haven’t bought it yet but I kind of want to because I need yellow.😂I…have fallen so low. #BookwormShame. 😂)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahahaha I am so glad I’m not alone! We can have a pity party and complain about bookish things and eat cake! I approve!! And yessss thank you! I’ll look for those yellow ones! My only yellow is Carry On, and my only pink one is PS I Like You by Kasie West! But then I have like 800,000 blue/black/red? I could make a rainbow with colors of a bruise? No thanks! I definitely bought Carry On just for the yellow cover 😂 I loved Fangirl but I’m not sure if I’ll ever read Carry On! But I NEEDED it! 😂


  3. This post was so relatable, and I guess every booklover out there would feel so. Good to know I’m not the only one.

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and your reviews are always such a help when I want to read a new book but am unsure of it. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Have you ever tried the product ‘goo gone’? It’s specifically for removing sticker residue, it’s amazing! I could totally relate to so many things, especially the lack of communication between characters-it drives me crazy when things can be cleared up in a few sentences! Ughhh

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Amazing article!

    Agree with them all …

    One of my pet peeves … Characters who take SCALDING HOT SHOWERS!!!! Why? Why would you do that to yourself? Make your skin melt just because you forgot to send an email? Or pick up milk? They happen all the time and drive me crazy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m becoming obsessed over hating books woit women in red coats/dresses. It’s been over done now. Lol
    Long chapters is annoying, but more annoying is teeny tiny print. WHY?
    I’ve stopped buying books with tiny print. I don’t want super large print, just so it’s readable.

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