Midyear freakout tag: 2018 edition

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I’ve seen this tag floating around, and honestly, I don’t know where it originated from because it’s been around for years! I tweaked it slightly so that it worked for me, so read on to find out about the books that I’ve loved, hated, and fangirled over so far this year!

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“I Dare You” #booktag! 18 questions about me and books!

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I decided to be a thief and steal this book tag from Cait @ Paper Fury because it seemed like fun, and who doesn’t like fun?! I’m not going to tag anyone specific to play along, instead I say that anyone who wants to do it should steal it from me and then tag me when you’re done so I can read your answers! I’ve linked each book to Goodreads so you can quickly check them out if you’re interested!

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Tag, You’re It! The Goodreads Tag


I was tagged by my book BFF, Sam over at Clues & Reviews to complete the Goodreads Tag! I’m so excited, because I love Goodreads (you can find me on goodreads here! Feel free to add or follow me – I love interacting with people!) AND filling out questionnaires! I know, I’m weird. I love the paperwork at the Doctor. It’s the best thing ever. 😀

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