Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine


When a car accidentally crashes into the house Gina shares with her husband and two children, the aftermath is worse than she could have ever imagined. Because of the car crash, it’s revealed that her husband was actually a serial killer, and Gina had no idea. Now, she spends her time moving from place to place and changing her name as well as her kids names, in order to avoid the threats she gets from the people who think she knew about her husband’s recreational activities. Although her (now ex) husband is in prison, she doesn’t feel safe.

When Gina, now going by Gwen, ends up in Stillhouse Lake, she feels like she can finally settle down and make a home for her family. Unfortunately for Gwen, that may not be possible. When a body is discovered in the lake behind her house, killed in much the same way that her husband murdered his victims, the police start asking questions that she can’t answer. In addition to the body, threatening letters start showing up from her ex-husband…how does he know where she’s living, and how are the letters getting past prison security? Gwen will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe, even if it means revealing her true identity in the town she thought she’d finally settled down in.

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Liar by K.L. Slater @bookouture @kimlslater


After his wife’s death, single dad Ben has been doing his best to raise his two young sons, Noah and Jake, alone. When Ben meets Amber, he’s immediately enamored with her. She could be everything that’s been missing in his life, and it appears she feels the same way about him. The only problem is Ben’s mother, Judi. Judi feels confident that something is off about Amber. Things are moving too quickly, and Ben only sees what he wants to see. In order to protect her son and grandchildren, Judi will do whatever it takes to make Ben see the truth about Amber.

The more Judi learns about Amber, the more lies she uncovers, and secrets are revealed that may just break her family apart for good.

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Twisted by Andrew E. Kaufman


Christopher is a psychiatrist working at a psychiatric hospital with the most deranged serial killers you could imagine. When a new patient arrives at the hospital, Christopher is asked to make a diagnosis on whether he thinks the patient is lying about not remembering the crimes he committed, or whether he has a genuine psychiatric condition that prevents him from remembering them. When he initially meets the patient, the patient looks familiar, but he can pinpoint why. The more time he spends with the patient, the more he is put on edge. His patient, Donny, seems to know more about him than he should, but Christopher doesn’t know why.

As odd things start happening around him, Christopher questions whether he himself is going insane the same way his schizophrenic father did…is he losing his mind, or is that just what Donny wants him to think? In order to catch a serial killer, Christopher may end up losing his grip on reality.

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The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker

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For more than five years, the Chicago police department has been on the hunt for a serial killer they’ve deemed as the Four Monkey Killer, 4MK for short. When his body is found after being hit by a bus, they find information that leads them to think his most recent victim is still alive. Detective Sam Porter is working the case, and is determined to save the girl that’s been taken my 4MK, and when he finds a diary in the pocket of the body, he finds himself in the mind of a psychopath that will stop at nothing to exact “punishment” on his victims.

Told in alternating timelines between the present day and diary entries that detail 4MK’s childhood, The Fourth Monkey is an edge of your seat thriller that you won’t want to miss!

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Blog Tour: The Second Captive by Maggie James @bloodhoundbooks @mjamesfiction

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Eighteen year old Beth Sutton is thrilled when she meets a slightly older (very handsome) man named Dominic who seems to take an interest in her. Things are home are tense, and her father is putting a lot of pressure on her to decide what to do after she graduates.

What starts off as a seemingly normal relationship quickly turns sinister when Dominic invites Beth to his house for a fancy home-cooked meal, but instead traps her in his basement and tells her she’ll never escape.

What Dominic is looking for is a companion. If Beth follows his rules, she’ll gain privileges until she realizes that she needs him. When Beth is completely reliant on him, Dominic will make her love him. Relying on Stockholm Syndrome to gain Beth’s compliance and trust, Dominic has no plans of ever letting Beth go…not even when she escapes.

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The Killer Inside (Detective Jessica Daniel #1) by Kerry Wilkinson @bookouture

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Detective Sargent Jessica Daniel is called to investigate a murder, and she quickly notices that there are no signs of a forced entry – all of the doors and windows are locked when she arrives, and no keys are missing.

When a second body is found killed in the same way, Jessica knows she’s up against the clock and that she needs to crack the case before the killer strikes again. How are the victims connected, how is the killer able to get in and out of the house, and who is this journalist that seems to know more about the case than anyone else?

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Exquisite by Sarah Stovell @orendabooks @sarahlovescrime

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Bo Luxton is a successful best selling author, who leaves her husband and two children for a week so she can teach a writing class to inspiring author. It’s there that Bo meets Alice Dark, a promising young author who reminds Bo of herself when she was in her twenties.

Bo and Alice have an instant chemistry, that quickly turns into something dark and obsessive that threatens to consume them both. This is a psychological suspense novel that you won’t want to miss!

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