Illuminae (The Illuminae Files #1) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

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In the year 2575, seventeen year old Kady breaks up with her boyfriend Ezra. Little did she know that would also be the day that their planet was attacked. Still reeling from their breakup, Kady and Ezra must work together to get safely inside one of the spaceships that can get them off of their planet and reach a safe point. After making it to the ships, they are separated, and Ezra makes it onto the spaceship Alexander, and Kady makes it onto Hypatia.

Little do they know, their problems are just beginning. Not only is a virus spreading and causingย those contaminated into attempt to harm others, but the corporation who invited their planet is hot on their tail trying to wipe out any remaining survivors. The commanders of the ships are remaining tight lipped about all of the details, so Kady decides to take things into her own hands by hacking into the computer systems. It turns out that the one person who can help her uncover the truth is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Ezra.

Told through a series of case files, IM’s, emails, interviews, and more, Illuminae is a fast paced story about two regular teenagers forced to step up in order to save themselves and the ones they love.

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Perfect (Flawed #2) by Cecelia Ahern

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Perfect picks up where Flawed left off – Celestine is on the run after being branded as Flawed. Judge Crevan, the man who sentenced her to her five brands and gave her an illegal sixth brand, is determined to find her before she can tell anyone what he did to her. Celestine has to learn who she can trust and what it’s like to live as Flawed.

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Dare Me by Megan Abbott

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Unfortunately, I hated this book. This was a situation where I bought the book in a store, thinking the description sounded good. Then, I added it on Goodreads and saw that it didn’t have very good reviews. From there, it sat on my shelf from the time I bought it in 2013 to now. I was making a serious effort to get through some of the backlist books that have been on my shelf the longest, and this was one of those. I hoped that despite the bad reviews, I might enjoy this one. I was wrong.

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The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1) by Alexandra Bracken

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Ruby lives in a world where children start dying around the age they turn 10. Many who don’t die develop supernatural abilities, and are referred to as Psi kids. These children are sent to “rehabilitation camps”. Shortly after Ruby turns 10, they come for her, and she’s sent to the rehab camp, where she remains until she’s 16. Now, six years later, she manages to escape the camp and joins up with a small group of other kids who also escaped their camp, Liam, Chubs, and Zu. They all are looking for East River, where it’s said other Psi kids live and are free. When they get there, things are not quite what they expected…

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With Malice by Eileen Cook

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High school senior Jill wakes up in the hospital after being in and out of consciousness for a few days. With no memory of how she got there, she tries to piece together what she’s being told by her parents and doctors – that she was in a car accident during her school trip to Italy which also killed her best friend Simone. Jill can’t even remember being in Italy, and now there are claims that the accident maybe wasn’t an accident. Jill is now the center of a murder investigation. How can she prove her innocence when she can’t even remember being on vacation?

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Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett


Alex, Approximately is a modern re-telling of You’ve Got Mail. I love that movie, so I knew I needed to read this book! Seventeen year old Bailey regularly chats on an online movie discussion group using the screen name Mink. She often chats with a boy who goes by the name Alex. Alex and Bailey’s dad live in the same city, but when Bailey makes the choice to move across the country to live with her father, she doesn’t tell Alex because she’s worried they won’t connect in real life. She decides she’ll find him first and then tell him.

In the midst of that, she gets a summer job working at a museum with her extremely good looking yet extremely infuriating coworker, Porter. As she and Porter get to know each other, feelings start to develop. Little does she know that Porter is actually Alex, just as he has no idea that Bailey is actually Mink.

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Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Firebird #2) by Claudia Grey


Picking up where book one left off, Ten Thousand Skies Above You jumps right into action with Marguerite and Paul in another dimension. Wyatt Conley still wants to use Marguerite to do his bidding, so in order to convince her, splinters Paul’s soul and scatters them across dimensions. It’s up to Marguerite and Theo to find the pieces of her Paul’s soul and restore him. As she travels and meets many Paul in many dimensions, she questions whether she loves every version of him they way she thought she did.

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