The Girl From Yesterday by Kathryn Miller Haines

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Recovering drug addict Helen has finally gotten her life together. She regularly attends her NA meetings, doesn’t drink alcohol or caffeine, and doesn’t have sex. She has a job she loves working at a bakery with her aunt, and has a stable boyfriend. Things are finally looking up – or so she thought. When she’s contacted by the police who inform her that her childhood best friend Carrie has been found murdered and that her name was found on the body, things start to fall apart.

Even though Helen hasn’t heard from Carrie in 15 years, the police are still suspicious of Helen’s involvement. In order to prove her innocence, she dives back into her past and starts her own investigations. In doing so, she uncovers a lot of lies and a lot of secrets, and on top of that, it seems that someone is hell bent on getting her to break her sobriety. As she falls farther down the rabbit hole, she starts to question whether she can even trust herself…

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The Lost Children (Detective Lucy Harwin #1) by Helen Phifer

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In the mid 70s, 9 year old Lizzie can’t stand her younger baby brother. He’s stolen her parents attention and all he does is cry. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and smothers him with a pillow. Unable to stand looking at their daughter, her parents send her to The Moore, an insane asylum for children, where lobotomies are a common practice.

Fast forward to the present day, a man is found murdered in the now abandoned asylum, and DI Lucy Harwin is called to the scene to investigate. Shortly after the man is found, another murder occurs, and Lucy can’t help but feel they are connected. It appears that someone is murdering people with connections to the old asylum. It’s up to Lucy to figure out who is committing the murders, and why now? As the murders escalate, Lucy finds that she too may be in danger…

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February Wrap Up


I can’t believe February is over already! It felt like it flew by! I was able to read 20 books in February, so below I’ll share everything I read and let you know which ones were my favorites!

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The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel


After her mother kills herself, Lane Roanoke moves across the country to live with her grandparents and her cousin Allegra at the house her mother grew up in. Lane doesn’t know a lot about her family, because her depressed mother refused to speak of them. Lane quickly adjusts to the life of being a rich Roanoke girl, until a dark family secret is revealed and she runs.

More than ten years later, Lane gets a call that Allegra is missing. Desperate to help find her cousin, she returns to her family home and the people who drove her away.

Told between two alternating timelines, the past and the present, Lane works to uncover what happened to Allegra, and why.

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The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad


The Silent Girls opens with a super creepy murder of a pregnant woman, and I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, that opening chapter was the best part of the book for me and the rest was just okay.

Retired-detective-turned-private-investigator Frank Rath is pulled into a missing girl case by a friend of his. As he begins to help his friend, a string of murdered women are uncovered and are seemingly being killed by the same person in the same way, however Frank can’t initially figure out their connection. As the connection is revealed, Frank learns how dark some people’s minds are.

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Friday Finds – February 17, 2017

Friday Finds is a weekly feature designed to show off the new books you’ve found and added to your TBR this week! As much as I’ve been trying to be selective about adding books to my TBR list so I can get it under control, I’ve still managed to add 6 books to my TBS list this week, and here they are!

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Blink by K.L.Slater


Told in alternating timelines, Blink is the story of a five year old girl who is abducted while her mother is barely holding it together as it is. Blink alternates between the present time, where Evie is missing, and three years prior, which reflect the events leading up to the kidnapping.

What happened to Evie and who took her? Read to find out, and make sure to trust no one…

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