Mini-Reviews: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Hello all! Today I bring you two mini reviews, one for Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and one for One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus! As you may know, mini-reviews are something new for me, but every now and then I read a book that I don’t quite have enough thoughts for in order to merit a full review, but I want to share my feelings either way!

That said, on to the reviews!

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Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine


When a car accidentally crashes into the house Gina shares with her husband and two children, the aftermath is worse than she could have ever imagined. Because of the car crash, it’s revealed that her husband was actually a serial killer, and Gina had no idea. Now, she spends her time moving from place to place and changing her name as well as her kids names, in order to avoid the threats she gets from the people who think she knew about her husband’s recreational activities. Although her (now ex) husband is in prison, she doesn’t feel safe.

When Gina, now going by Gwen, ends up in Stillhouse Lake, she feels like she can finally settle down and make a home for her family. Unfortunately for Gwen, that may not be possible. When a body is discovered in the lake behind her house, killed in much the same way that her husband murdered his victims, the police start asking questions that she can’t answer. In addition to the body, threatening letters start showing up from her ex-husband…how does he know where she’s living, and how are the letters getting past prison security? Gwen will do whatever it takes to keep her children safe, even if it means revealing her true identity in the town she thought she’d finally settled down in.

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is a weekly feature hosted by Kathryn at Bookdate, where we can share what you have been reading, what you are currently reading, and what you’ll be reading soon.

I’ll start with what I finished last week.

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Liar by K.L. Slater @bookouture @kimlslater


After his wife’s death, single dad Ben has been doing his best to raise his two young sons, Noah and Jake, alone. When Ben meets Amber, he’s immediately enamored with her. She could be everything that’s been missing in his life, and it appears she feels the same way about him. The only problem is Ben’s mother, Judi. Judi feels confident that something is off about Amber. Things are moving too quickly, and Ben only sees what he wants to see. In order to protect her son and grandchildren, Judi will do whatever it takes to make Ben see the truth about Amber.

The more Judi learns about Amber, the more lies she uncovers, and secrets are revealed that may just break her family apart for good.

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Exquisite by Sarah Stovell @orendabooks @sarahlovescrime

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Bo Luxton is a successful best selling author, who leaves her husband and two children for a week so she can teach a writing class to inspiring author. It’s there that Bo meets Alice Dark, a promising young author who reminds Bo of herself when she was in her twenties.

Bo and Alice have an instant chemistry, that quickly turns into something dark and obsessive that threatens to consume them both. This is a psychological suspense novel that you won’t want to miss!

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Final Girls by Riley Sager

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Ten years ago, Quincy went on a trip to a cabin called Pine Cottage with her boyfriend and closest friends. What was supposed to be a fun trip ended up being a horrific nightmare in which everyone in the cabin was brutally murdered with the exception of Quincy. Severely injured but still alive, Quincy learns that there have been two similar massacres before hers, where one girl was left alive. The media has dubbed the three of them the “Final Girls”, based on the name horror movies use for the last woman standing.

In her present day life, Quincy has done everything she possibly can in order to move forward. She has a successful baking blog, a gorgeous apartment in New York City, and a wonderful boyfriend, who she thinks is planning to propose, and a close friendship with Coop, the officer who rescued her from Pine Cottage. Unfortunately, Quincy’s picture perfect life is thrown into disarray when she learns that that Lisa, the first Final Girl, is found dead in her bathtub with her wrists slit. Shortly after learning this news, the second Final Girl, Sam, shows up at Quincy’s doorstep wanting to be friends.

Quincy can’t remember much about what happened that night at Pine Cottage, but Sam is set on making her not only remember the events, but also address the anger she holds about them. The longer Quincy is around Sam, the more she starts to question why she really sought her out. In a tense psychological thriller, Quincy not only needs to decide if Sam is someone she can trust, but she also needs to get her memories back before what was started ten years ago is finished.

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That Night by Chevy Stevens

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In high school, Toni wanted nothing more than to move out of her parent’s house and in with her boyfriend Ryan. Her mother constantly compared Toni to her younger sister Nicole, who was the well behaved child – the opposite to Toni’s rebellious personality. When Nicole befriends Shauna, Toni’s former best friend who now is set on making Toni’s life miserable, their relationship becomes strained.

Toni thought her life was challenging, but she had no idea how much worse it was about to get. Β After Nicole is brutally murdered, Toni and Ryan are convicted of her murder…only, it wasn’t them. No one believes that they are innocent, including her own parents. Toni and Ryan are sent off to prison, and aren’t released until 15 years later.

Told in alternating timelines, we follow Toni’s story in both the past and present and see what happened leading up to Nicole’s murder as well as her determination after being released to find the truth about what happened that night.

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