The Girl From Yesterday by Kathryn Miller Haines

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Recovering drug addict Helen has finally gotten her life together. She regularly attends her NA meetings, doesn’t drink alcohol or caffeine, and doesn’t have sex. She has a job she loves working at a bakery with her aunt, and has a stable boyfriend. Things are finally looking up – or so she thought. When she’s contacted by the police who inform her that her childhood best friend Carrie has been found murdered and that her name was found on the body, things start to fall apart.

Even though Helen hasn’t heard from Carrie in 15 years, the police are still suspicious of Helen’s involvement. In order to prove her innocence, she dives back into her past and starts her own investigations. In doing so, she uncovers a lot of lies and a lot of secrets, and on top of that, it seems that someone is hell bent on getting her to break her sobriety. As she falls farther down the rabbit hole, she starts to question whether she can even trust herself…

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Blink by K.L.Slater


Told in alternating timelines, Blink is the story of a five year old girl who is abducted while her mother is barely holding it together as it is. Blink alternates between the present time, where Evie is missing, and three years prior, which reflect the events leading up to the kidnapping.

What happened to Evie and who took her? Read to find out, and make sure to trust no one…

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The One that Got Away by Simon Wood


Graduate student Zoe and her friend Holli go on a road trip to Vegas. On the way home, they are abducted and tortured by a man who says he wants to teach them a lesson. Zoe manages to escape while Holli is being tortured, and she leaves, swearing she’ll come back to save Holli. The problem is, she was given rohypnol, and doesn’t remember where the building was located or where she came from. Holli is never found and the killer is still out there.

A year later, Zoe is racked with guilt, and acts out because of it. One night after bar hopping alone, she stumbles onto a police investigation of a murder that sounds eerily familiar to the man who tortured her. She decides she is going to help do whatever she can in order to see the killer brought to justice.

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The Night Bird (Frost Easton #1) by Brian Freeman @bfreemanbooks @thomasmercerUK #thomasmercer


Lucy and her roommate/friend Brynn are driving home to their apartment in San Francisco when an accident happens and they are trapped on a bridge waiting for it to clear out. Unfortunately, Lucy is terrified of bridges. Brynn tries to calm her down by singing in the car, and chatting with her to take her mind off of it. In the middle of their conversation, Brynn starts to freak out out of nowhere. Screaming, she gets out of the car and ends up jumping/falling off of the bridge while trying to get away from whatever invisible thing she seems to be running from.

For homicide detective Frost Easton, this isn’t the first woman who has suffered from a similar psychotic break which resulted in them killing themselves. He’s determined to figure out what (or who) is causing these women to react so violently, so he can prevent it from happening again. His investigations lead him to famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) psychiatrist Francesca Stein, who specializes in treating severe phobias by changing the memories the patient has that are causing the phobia. All of the victims were patients of hers at one point.

Now, both Frankie and Frost are being stalked and threatened by someone who calls themselves The Night Bird. Who is The Night Bird and why is he after them? You’ll have to read to find out!

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In the Shadows by Tara Lyons


A serial killer is roaming the streets of London, and Grace Murphy is worried she might be the next target. Not only are her friends showing up among the dead bodies, she’s having violent nightmares about murders, and wonders if they play a role in discovering the killer. DI Denis Hamilton and his team are on the case and are working hard to find the killer before they can strike again.

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January 2017 Wrap Up!


Alright folks, January has come to an end! Who can believe it?! I feel like we just celebrated the new year! In January, I finished 20 books and did my first Buddy Read/Blogger Interview, which was a lot of fun! In my wrap up, I’ll review the books I read in January, and share some of my favorites!

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Lies by TM Logan


I know it’s early, but Lies is one of my favorite reads of 2017 so far! I just loved it! Lies follows Joe Lynch, who is approaching is 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife, Mel. Together, they share a 4 year old son, William. One day, on his way home from picking up his son, he spots his wife’s car. William wants to surprise her and say hi, so they follow her into a parking garage of a hotel. What they see is Mel clearly in a heated argument with her best friend Beth’s husband Ben.

Mel leaves the hotel and drives off before he can ask her what happened, so he confronts Ben instead, and things become violent. Ben is knocked out on the pavement, bleeding from his head, but Joe’s son starts having an asthma attack, and he’s forced to drive home to get his inhaler…after returning to the parking garage, Ben and his car are gone.

Now Ben is missing, and Joe has started receiving increasingly threatening messages. How did he manage to get caught up in a missing person’s investigation, and why is his wife lying about what happened in the hotel? All will be answered by the end of the book!

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