Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

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YouTube sensation Charlie recently starred in a movie that has seen more success than anyone thought. After a public breakup with her costar Reese, she’s determined to show the world she’s moved on. The perfect place to do this is at SupaCon – a convention where she’ll be a guest meeting fans, but also where she can escape the real world for a while. Shortly after arriving, she meets Alyssa, a fellow YouTube star, who she might have a crush on…it seems the crush may not be one sided either.

Charlie’s best friends Taylor and Jamie also accompany her on the trip to SupaCon. Taylor is very anxious, and is on the Autism spectrum, and is both excited to attend SupaCon and meet her celebrity icon, Skylar who stars as her all time favorite literary hero, and Jamie is excited to be spending time with Taylor. They might be best friends, but he has feelings for her, and thinks they might be reciprocated.

Told in alternation point of views between Charlie and Taylor, we see a trio of best friends enjoying their time at an event that will change their lives more than they ever expected.

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