Chapter Reveal: The Perfect Roommate by Minka Kent #ChapterReveal #ThePerfectRoommate #MinkaKent #PreOrder #ComingSoon


Today I’m delighted to bring you a chapter reveal from Minka Kent’s upcoming thriller, The Perfect Roommate! Check out the first chapter below!

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My highly anticipated 2018 releases!

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I know we aren’t even into December yet, but there are so many books I’m excited about that are releasing in 2018, and I wanted to share them with you all! All of the titles link to Goodreads and I’ve included the descriptions for each below!

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Real Talk: things about reading and blogging that make me anxious or guilty!

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I have to be honest, as much as I love reading and blogging, there are a number of things that make me feel guilty or anxious, and lately I’ve been thinking about these things quite a bit, so I wanted to share them with you in hopes that at the very least, it shows that you’re not alone if you sometimes feel the same way I do!

Check out my list of book related things that make me feel anxious or guilty!

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Ten types of common thriller book covers! Also, #aesthetics

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Recently I came across a few book covers that looked so similar that I ended up getting confused about which book was which! Inspired by my lovely friend Cait from PaperFury, who recently wrote a post on different types of YA covers, I decided to run with her idea and categorize some popular trends I see with thriller/mystery book covers!

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Remaining 2017 pre-releases I’m excited for!

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I can’t believe that we are already into September! It feels like this year just started and that I shared some of my anticipated releases way back in January. Now that we are in September, there are a few books I’m really looking forward to that will be released at some point this year, so I wanted to share them with you today!

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Bookish Pet Peeves – where I rant about the bookish things that annoy me!

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Recently I was thinking about all of the bookish things that drive me NUTS, so I decided to share them with you all!

Check out my list of bookish pet peeves below, and let me know what you think!

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